Month: January 2016

CXC Global Releases Global Contingent Workforce Compliance White Paper

CXC Global, a leader in global contingent workforce payment solutions, released a new white paper today along with Ardent Partners. Some key areas of the white paper include: The types of labor that comprise the global contingent workforce Metrics on how many companies plan on expanding their global contingent workforce in 2016 The “evolving risks” of using this labor force including: Complex and frequently changing local tax codes Shifting legal requirements concerning independent labor Localized and culture-specific labor laws The features and benefits of outsourcing global compliance management “Recommendations for Action” for companies expanding this workforce If you have...

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Bureau of Labor Statistics to Produce Contingent Workforce Census

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced today they plan to produce a “Contingent Workforce Supplement”, along with the Census Bureau, to an upcoming Current Population Survey. Labor Secretary Tom Perez says: “This is an exciting, entrepreneurial development that is tapping into powerful consumer demand while giving workers flexibility and enabling them to monetize existing assets. At the same time, the on-demand economy raises important questions about how to continue upholding time-honored labor standards and how to promote economic security for American workers in a changing labor market.” This new (and potentially interesting) data will be available with the May...

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4 Traits of Successful Founders posted a recent blog post outlining the defining four personality traits of a “successful” entreprenuer from studies done by UC Berkeley, London School of Economics and University of Maryland, to name a few. Here are the four traits [WITH COMMENTS FROM ME IN BRACKETS]. High Levels of Confidence [HOPEFULLY GENERATED FROM CONFIDENCE IN THEIR SERVICE OR PRODUCT] Proactive and Engaged Mindsets [ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO DISCOVERING PROSPECT AND CLIENT NEEDS WHICH SHOULD DRIVE COMPANY EVOLUTION AND REVENUE] Flexibility [YES THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE START-UPS CAN CHANGE SO FAST, COMBINED WITH MAKING THE RIGHT DECISIONS ON WHAT TO BE...

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A Whack on the Side of the Head – Accelerating Your Creativity

 Writers block? Stuck searching for some creativity. I highly recommend using the Creative Whack Pack by Roger von Oech. Roger von Oech is the author of A Whack on the Side of the Head and A Kick in the Pants and his Creative Whack Pack card deck is a great tool to produce spontaneous creative thoughts. Check out his website for the ‘Whack of the Day’ where he shares one card from the Creative Whack Pack (which can be viewed here). Here are links to the Roger von Oech’s website and to purchase the cards.  A Whack on the...

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U.S. DOL Joint Employer Guidance

Do you use or supply temporary or contract labor? If yes, take time to review the new guidance by the U.S. Department of Labor on FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) and MSPA (Migrant Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act) with a specific focus on Wage and Hour. Client companies make sure your staffing suppliers are aware of this guidance and especially aware of Wage and Hour law. Here are some important points from the guidance: The DOL writes: In order to analyze whether horizontal joint employment may exist, WHD will apply its current joint-employment regulations and examine factors such as: who owns...

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