QWIL – Advancing funds to freelance workers improving worker recruitment and retention. 

Qwil is an innovative and unique independent contractor payment service that we have been using at PeopleLoop and a company I have been involved with since pre-launch of their product. Qwil has done an amazing job creating an extremely valuable service for any company with a freelance workforce and we have used it to advance workers their payment before we received funds from the end client. Qwil has allowed our freelance recruiters to receive their funds faster – a perk that increases freelancer recruitment and retention without any impact on our cash flow.

Recently, Qwil released an international pay product making it easier to pay freelance workers anywhere in the world. This is a revolutionary service that will help freelancers anywhere collect on their invoices faster with deposits coming directly in to their bank accounts. This also allows companies and marketplaces to easily manage their independent contractor workforce, streamline payments to over 200 countries, and track compliance – all at a cost of  only $1 per contractor per pay cycle.

We are recommending Qwil to staffing companies, managed service providers, and direct employers with international workforces for the payment of their freelance and independent contractor community.

About Qwil
Qwil – www.qwil.co – San Francisco, CA – Qwil helps independent contractors get paid early by advancing amounts owed before their invoices are paid. Qwil’s end-to-end financing solution is easy to implement and enables staffing firms and freelancer marketplaces to provide liquidity to their customers’ workers at no additional cost to the customer – increasing new business win rate and recruitment and retention of top talent.


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