U.S. Companies That Do NOT Have a Workforce Management System

Innovative Workforce Management Built on the Cloud Industry Leading Salesforce Platform

The use of temporary and contingent labor continues to grow for companies of all sizes. However, many mid-size companies are challenged to identify a system tailored to their day-to-day talent needs – including contractors, temps, freelancers and gig workers. Most solutions available in the market are built for large enterprises and are complex and expensive.

We are the 1st Workforce Management System (WMS) built on the cloud industry leading the Salesforce platform. TargetRecruit WMS allows your organization to streamline the processes associated with the procurement and management of your entire human capital supply chain.

TargetRecruit WMS Features & Benefits

  • Simplified Staffing Vendor Management
  • Streamlined Staffing, On-Boarding & Contractor Management Workflows
  • Consolidated Billing and Invoicing for Better Workforce Transparency
  • Easy to Access and Complete Online and Mobile Timesheets
  • End-to-end Supplier and Staffing Company Management
  • Worker Compliance Tracking
  • Applicant Tracking and Talent Pooling
  • Intuitive reporting and Analytics