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Passionate about helping others through emerging technology

 Bill is passionate about creating and scaling organizations that help benefit the world through the use of technology. 

Bill Inman is a 24 year veteran in building businesses from the idea stage. He has led, as a founder, at multiple companies that have grown from ‘the back of a napkin’ to tens of millions and even billions of dollars in gross revenue. Additionally, Bill has served as an advisor and at in executive leadership positions at multiple tech-enabled services and gig economy companies, including one of California’s largest employers -Entertainment Partners. Bill is a blockchain patent holder and is a co-founder of Talenting, the blockchain for talent management. He has entrepreneurial and executive experience in multiple industries including emerging technology (AI and blockchain), professional sports, human capital, entertainment and enterprise software. 

A native of Los Angeles, California, Bill received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Davis (UCD). As a member of three top-ten ranked NCAA teams (football and baseball) as an Aggie, Bill discovered what it takes to win, how to learn from not winning, and how to be a team player.

Earlier in his career, Bill launched a direct sales company based in El Segundo, California. This company was a nationwide direct marketing arm of Inc. 500’s #1 fastest growing company for 1996; Equinox. In 1997, Bill focused on providing value to the burgeoning technology marketplace entering the IT staffing sector with General Employment a publicly held, national staffing company. Capitalizing on the technology boom of the late-90’s Bill founded Six Degrees Staffing. Through software automation and  Internet strategies Six Degrees differentiated and grew rapidly, creating hundreds of hires for Fortune 1000 and mid-size companies.

Realizing that the future of recruiting was tied to intelligent software, efficient referral networks and streamlined processes in 2000 Bill launched a human capital management software company, automating the time intensive and fragmented candidate sourcing process. Bill raised start-up capital, led business and product development and recruited advisory boards of industry experts and former CEOs, COOs, and VPs of HR of public and private corporations. 

Bill was a founding member of ECG launched in 2004 as Axium Global, a privately held company with over three billion in annual revenue through 2007. ECG was the world’s largest contingent workforce management solutions provider, delivering valuable workforce management and employer of record services to many of the world’s best known corporations.  Bill introduced and launched the business, helped to create acquisitions, new revenue models, and alliances that solidified the company as a worldwide leader in the human capital marketplace.

With multiple friends/founders, he launched several innovative online media start-ups — The Truth About… (B2C) and Business Media International (B2B). The Truth About… Going Green won the Green Apple award at the Green Lifestyle Film Festival. Bill was also an executive producer for CareerLifeTV, a humorous look at and training tool for the human resources industry. Bill also served as an advisor and stakeholder in TVProGear – a world leader in Internet broadcasting solutions.

Previous to W workforce Bill launched Emergent, a multi-million dollar human capital solutions provider based in Burbank, California. Emergent’s mission was to help the companies that use project-based labor save money and time, increase profitability, and decrease risk. Emergent was part of a family of companies of one of the largest employers in the United States.

Outside of his involvement in building businesses Bill also has helped companies in the areas of strategic planning, research and development, securing capital, and marketing. He has advised and consulted with companies in the social networking, ecommerce, online media, retail, sales training, fashion, entertainment, pharmaceutical, and communications industries in this capacity.

Bill spends a majority of his time in Las Vegas, NV and Manhattan Beach, CA. Bill helps to run several local community projects such as @mb90266 and is passionate about using athletics to empower children and families regardless of the neighborhoods they reside or economic status. Bill has participated as a board member for numerous youth beach volleyball, softball and football leagues. Bill  is also an avid fitness and outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys time with friends and family.


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