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AI and Music

During this decade, Artificial Intelligence will make an impact on all facets of business and our lifestyles. AI is starting to provide music producers and artists with new tools to create innovative, and probably addictive, sounds. The groundwork for AI in the music space is being laid through companies creating applications with embedded AI that help compose, with companies that are raising money to create record labels using AI and also through the artists who are using AI to create music at a new speed and level of creativity.

But its better to listen to the music that AI is creating rather than talk about it. Here are some select songs created completely by Artificial Intelligence.

The following is the full music video for "Jack Park Canny Dope Man" composed and performed by AI in the style of Hip Hop star Travis Scott by 'Travis Bott.

SingularityNET, the open source AI marketplace that Singularity Studio (the company where I am currently the CEO) leverages to create AI solutions has come up with a novel song splitter app available on the Google Play store, and is getting great reviews. Songsplitter is an AI-driven application for splitting music and vocals into separate tracks, the results are then saved as separate audio files in MP3 format. Play the results directly through the app with the included multi-track player or freely copy the files into other applications. See the app at this link.

Snafu Records has raised an early funding round to leverage AI to produce records for artists. See their playlist below.

If you are in the music industry I would love to speak with you to see how your are integrating AI into your future or to discuss how you should!

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