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Artificial General Intelligence - Human Level Intelligence in AI

AGI is Artificial General Intelligence - A term, that was helped to popularity by AI scientist Dr. Ben Goertzel, that means when a machine can understand and learn any intellectual task that a human can. (See my discussion we Dr. Goertzel in the BitAngels video discussion below and well as his interesting episode with Joe Rogan)

We are rapidly approaching AGI which is expected to be achieved this decade. Some of the characteristics of AGI that will be present in machines include:

* reasoning - including the ability to use strategy, solve puzzles, and make judgments under uncertainty

* representing knowledge

* planning

* learning

* communicating in natural language

* integrate all these skills towards common goals

Peter Diamandis in his article 20 Metatrends for the Roaring 2020's writes about achieving AGI: "AI will achieve human-level intelligence: As predicted by technologist and futurist Ray Kurzweil, artificial intelligence will reach human-level performance this decade (by 2030). Through the 2020s, AI algorithms and machine learning tools will be increasingly made open source, available on the cloud, allowing any individual with an internet connection to supplement their cognitive ability, augment their problem-solving capacity, and build new ventures at a fraction of the current cost. This metatrend will be driven by the convergence of: global high-bandwidth connectivity, neural networks, and cloud computing. Every industry, spanning industrial design, healthcare, education, and entertainment, will be impacted."

Bill Inman and Dr. Ben Goertzel speak at BitAngels Conference

Dr. Ben Goertzel and Joe Rogan Episode

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