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CHAINGE: BitWage - Innovating Cryptocurrency Payroll and Benefits

Blockchain will revolutionize human capital in many ways. BitWage is an innovative cryptocurrency service that helps transmit wages around the globe and provide new benefits for workers. Jonathan Chester is the co-founder and CEO and has been active in crypto currency since 2013. BitWage has been recognized as once of the top blockchain startups in the US and has had strong growth over the past year.

This CHAINGE interview focuses on how cryptocurrency is a big part of the future of work and how BitWage is helping lead that charge.

With my experience in human capital and tech start ups I believe that BitWage is leading the way to a new paradigm, their service helps to eliminate middle men and pay workers faster internationally. This is very important in countries that have less stable currency than the US.. For more information you can find BitWage at

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