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Decentralized Economy - NFTs and the Decentralization of Art

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Don't know what NFTs are? Know what NFTs are? Either way you do want to watch this interview with some of the top NFT innovators.

Blockchain is rapidly giving rise to new possibilities and advancements including NFT. Recently, the sudden demand for NFT (Non-fungible Tokens) in the world of digital art and for creators has recently exploded.

Watch this second episode as we discuss NFT and decentralized art and its possibilities with the following leaders in the space:

Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile has supported the blockchain industry for years, he recently purchased the digital art NFT created by Beeple, named "Crossroads", for 66K and sold it just months later for $6.6M.

Vincent Harrison was tasked by the Winklevoss brothers to assist with bringing artists to the Nifty Gateway.

Andrea Bonaceto is dropping the first Human/Robot NFT collaboration on March 23rd on the Nifty Gateway!

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