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New Tech Grad Job Search Tips

New tech grad Nandhini Swaminathan discusses the successful steps she took to find a new job in the US from half a world away in India. Focusing her efforts on securing a job in artificial intelligence she leveraged LinkedIn and social media to differentiate herself from other new grads and job seekers. This interview discusses the specific methods she used to find a job and tips on how others can more effectively do the same.

Points discussed include: * Why content and outreach is so important during your job search

* Outreach to executives at companies that you want to work for (and how to)

* Creating content to promote you when you are doing something else, even when sleeping

* Focusing on a specific content area that applies to the job you want

* Creating content that people can learn from

* Not being afraid to reach out to executives and business leaders

* How to find inspiration and sources for content creation

* The best length of time to create content for LinkedIn

* Where else to distribute your career content outside of LinkedIn

* What kind of feedback you may receive when creating career content

* Using LinkedIn for more than just a place to search for and apply for jobs

* How candidates are lost in the process when applying for jobs

* How to track your fav jobs and who you have reached out to

* How many executives you may need to reach out to on LinkedIn

* What to track inside of a spreadsheet for your job search outreach

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