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Owning Your Authority for Tech Entrepreneurs

One of my previous mentors, who took a startup from zero to #1 on the Inc. 500, said "facts tell and stories sell". We live in an age where that is not only still true but we are also telling stories with every video and picture we post. In business, whether we are communicating with investors, shareholders, token holders, customers, partners, employees or other constituents it is important to know who WE are first, as leaders.

Working with Stacey Engle, and through her Authority Lab experience, has helped me to develop my "Origin Story" (her term) and leverage that story not only to communicate better to the marketplace but also to make better decisions.

This 20 minute interview with Stacey about that process discusses:

  • Why 'Owning our Authority' is important and what that means

  • Why as a startup or token founder communicating our story effectively is important to building trust

  • Why the "companies that share more" will win in the social and emerging technology era of business

  • Why, as a founder, communicating often "why our business is still relevant" and "where we are going" is so important

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