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The Arrival of the Humanoid Nurse Robot Grace

During the pandemic we have seen that there can be a large strain on the global healthcare system as well as the need for social isolation. Of all demographics these types of pandemic situations put the biggest strain on the elderly population. They are some of the most vulnerable which means that they are often isolated from friends and family with minimal human contact. The Grace robot, the ‘little sister” to well known Sofia the Robot, enters the market this year with the intent to complement traditional nursing. Grace is expected to be a companion robot to the elderly while also helping them with therapeutics, exercises and mental health.

In this episode of CHAINGE Eddie Monroe of Awakening health discusses how their new humanoid robot Grace is making huge steps towards revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Eddie works with David Hanson the creator of the popular robot Sophia and the “Father of AGI”, Dr Ben Goertzel on the project along with CEO David Lake. You will enjoy this peek into the future of healthcare and robotics with Grace the robot and Awakening Health.

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