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Week in Review: Spotlight on AI for Good and Twin Protocol Innovations, Amplified by a Robust Week of AI Investments

Updated: 7 days ago

This week has been pivotal for the intersection of artificial intelligence and social good, marked by compelling discussions and showcases at the AI for Good Summit 2024 in Geneva. Our journey through the week also takes us closer to the people and technology behind Twin Protocol, highlighting their contributions and exciting developments in the field of AI. Additionally, the investment landscape was vibrant, with over $312 million flowing into AI-driven enterprises, reinforcing the dynamic growth and transformative potential of AI technologies across various sectors.

AI for Good Summit 2024: A Catalyst for Change

The AI for Good Summit brought together a diverse group of global leaders, experts, and innovators, focusing on the vast potential of AI to foster sustainable development and tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges. Dr. Michael Gebert's insights into the summit shed light on how AI is being harnessed to enhance accessibility, combat climate change, and reduce income inequality, aligning closely with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Key takeaways from the summit emphasized the need for responsible governance of AI technologies, addressing potential risks without stifling innovation. The event also celebrated the creative synergy between AI and the arts, showcasing how technological and creative communities can collaborate to inspire and implement solutions that embody ethical AI practices.

Twin Protocol: Making Waves in Geneva

Stacey Engle, CEO of Twin Protocol, represented the platform at the AI for Good conference, engaging with diplomats, scientists, and CEOs. Her interactions highlighted the platform's commitment to developing personal, beneficial AI that aligns with global needs for ethical and impactful technology. The presence of Twin Protocol at such a significant event underscores its role as a frontrunner in the AI landscape.

Adding a touch of fun to the serious discussions, Stacey was seen enjoying her time with Desi the robot and collaborating with Twin partner, YaYa Labs. Such moments are vital for humanizing the tech world, showing that behind every great innovation are people who laugh, engage, and connect.

Spotlight on Bill Inman: The Person Behind the AI

Further emphasizing Twin Protocol’s impact, a post featuring Bill Inman, the platform's Chief Strategy Officer, gave us a glimpse into the man behind the machine. Bill's extensive background in AI, blockchain, and his athletic achievements, combined with his leadership in Web3's impactful brands, paint a picture of a multifaceted leader driving forward with innovation.

Bill’s AI Twin technology is a testament to how personal AI can extend one's ability to make an impact, even "working" while one sleeps, thereby multiplying the potential for productivity and engagement.

Investment Highlights of the Week

This week also showcased a dynamic investment landscape, with significant funds injected into AI-driven enterprises. Key sectors such as healthcare, retail technology, agricultural innovation, and cybersecurity saw considerable financial commitments. Highlights include a $22 million Series A funding for Valar Labs in the health diagnostics sector, and $21.5 million for Supervizor in accounting technology, among others. These investments validate the ongoing momentum in AI technology development across diverse industries, driving transformative changes and opening new opportunities for growth.


From Geneva’s AI for Good Summit to the dynamic showcases by Twin Protocol, coupled with significant investment flows into AI startups, this week has been filled with profound insights and notable advancements in AI. These events not only highlight the ongoing efforts to harness AI for the betterment of society but also underscore the vibrant activity and promising future of AI across various sectors. As we look forward to more innovations, let’s stay inspired by the endless possibilities AI holds for shaping a sustainable and equitable future.

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