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20 Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2020


1. Ethereum now is like dial-up internet in 1996 soon to be upgraded to ‘broadband’

2. Bitcoin & blockchain will finally break up

3. The potential for global economic recession looms, fiat currencies be warned!

4. The U.S. will have to play catch-up after China’s big play in crypto and blockchain

5. Marching onwards to Ethereum 2.0

6. Layer two scaling solutions will turbocharge Ethereum

7. Layers of the Web3.0 stack go live

8. Expect a radically altered blockchain landscape by 2021

9. The tribulations of Libra will continue…

10. Trillion dollar companies signal the climax & end of the 3rd industrial revolution

11. Self Sovereignty on the web will become a human right

12. CME Ether futures

13. A billion dollar DeFi ecosystem is months away

14. The sleeping giant of blockchain awakens — supply chain

15. Art & music take lead in consumer-interfacing blockchain applications

16. Proof of Work is dying, Long live Proof of Stake.

17. Regulators gonna regulate

18. The unbanked remain unbanked — For now

19. User Experience Will Have To Be Better Than Web2.0

20. “If you’re going through hell… keep going” – Winston Churchill. Blockchain dev keeps going!

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