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EMERGING TECH – The Enterprise Reboot is relying on emerging tech for survivability

EMERGING TECH – Survivability through emerging tech is a main theme of the “Enterprise Reboot” report, from KPMG and HFS Research. In this video we look at how quickly the survivability shift has happened. The report is filled with interesting insights about how COVID-19 has affected technology priorities at enterprises. The main findings of the report are:

* Business priorities have shifted overnight. The immediate focus is survival and companies are looking toward emerging tech. * Resiliency requires a completely new playbook. Digital transformations have been accelerated yet investments have been slashed. * Spending cuts for enabling technologies are likely short term. Within 12 months tech spending is going to increase significantly. a * The crisis is driving clarity in technology investments. Cloud is an absolute necessity for the majority of companies. * The power of AND is greater than the power of OR. Combining emerging technologies will yield greater results. With higher investments comes more realized value. Most companies are investing in emerging technology.

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