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Predictions for AI in 2021

2021 is going to bring further rapid adoption of AI by enterprises and a lot of opportunity and growth in the space!

2020 saw enterprise artificial intelligence usage and the number of AI use cases in production expand significantly. In 2021, the number and types of AI solutions will continue to increase rapidly while also improving its value to companies. In a recent Forbes article executives were surveyed at to what they thought was "in store" for AI in 2021. The following is a list of executive predictions from the article "AI: What's in Store for 2021?". The predictions provide insight into areas that might be hot for AI over the next 12 months!

2021 CIO / CTO Predictions for AI

  • Increased data and privacy regulation

  • More workforce planning, simulation modeling and demand projection AI

  • Automating and augmenting core business processes where problem space is stable with accessible data

  • More solutions for bias in AI, accelerated by regulations in the area

  • Zoom, Microsoft and Slack will rush to integrate AI into their services

  • Data science will have to adapt to dynamic cloud and hybrid shared environments and not one or the other

  • Generative adversarial networks will make fake content indistinguishable from real; deep fakes may become more of a problem

  • Consumer companies will test and iterate AI with more traffic and data then B2B companies

  • AI will work more with strategic planning at companies symbiotically to innovate faster, those not doing this may be left behind

  • Enterprises will apply already created AI solutions rather than build them from scratch

  • Complexities in utilizing AI will be reduced using low-code techniques that are easily integrable

  • The number of lawsuits naming AI in the suit will increase (see biased AI above)

  • Edge processes will become more common; devices will have AI embedded rather than connecting back to server/cloud tech for processing

  • Emotion AI will understand nuanced human emotions and cognitive states (note: I work with Singularity Studio and we are making emotion sensing humanoid robots and AI with Awakening Health -- exciting time!)

  • AI will help determine job candidates cultural fit and will be used in human capital much more often (also here I am proud to be part of Talenting which has a AI patent pending for a unified Career Score to compliment a strong blockchain patent)

However it pans out for 2021 we are going into another AI fast-paced year and we are on the path towards 15 trillion in global GDP increase by 2030. Also we are inching closer to artificial general intelligence (AGI) which will make AI as smart as any human expert on Earth, in every field! Please reach out to me to let me know what your plans are for AI.

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